Powderfinger Band Member Bio's

Michael Bernardi - Lead Vocals / Guitar

Michael Bernardi - Handling lead vocals, guitar and harmonica Founder & frontman Mike Bernardi often leaves audiences momentarily stunned when they first hear him perform this material. As a classically trained vocalist who's been singing for over 20 years, including musical theatre & rock bands, Mike has great command over Neil's vocal parts, and performs the songs with his love for the material plainly obvious to all. With his ever-present acoustic guitar in hand or his replica of Neil's "Old Black" Gibson Les Paul slung over his shoulder, Mike is a heart-on-sleeve performer who always gets the audience on his side early on. Mike also shares Neil's wry sense of humour, and he's as handy with a smile as he is with a song. But if you close your eyes for just a moment - you'll swear you're hearing Neil Young sing.

Mark "Gonzo" Watts - Lead Guitars / Vocals

Mark \ After playing on an amateur level for a number of years, Mark really honed his skills playing lead guitar in a number of original acts in British Columbia. After moving back to his native Ontario at the turn of the century, Mark reunited with long-time friend Chris Hume, and was asked to join with Chris and friends to bring life to "Powderfinger - A Canadian Tribute to Neil Young", bringing a unique guitar style that does justice to the phenomenal and outrageous playing of Neil Young. Audiences of Neil fans appreciate the attention to detail that Mark has put into rendering Neil's solos effectively note-for-note, and his skill in replicating the many different tones & colours in Young's recorded guitar work is unmatched. His "gonzo" style of playing creates the controlled chaos that the band feeds on.

Saul Kiaune - Drums

Saul Kiaune - Making it all work on the drums Saul grew up in the 70's listening to classic rock (Beatles, Stones, Zeppelin, etc.) like most everybody else. He could have been a character in Wayne's World (Mississauga version)
Oddly enough he cut his teeth playing country music in the the late 80's & 90's. As Mr. Young once said "get back to the country, get back to the barn again"
He has returned to his classic rock roots to play in Powderfinger. He focuses on time, groove and taste. No solos "it's not about me, it's about preserving the song"


Terry Watkinson - Keyboards / Sax / Accordion / Vocals

Terry Watkinson - Master of the keyboards, spicing things up with sax and accordion and providing backup vocals Terry Watkinson was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He studied architecture for two years, then joined the music scene in Toronto. He played with some of the pioneering Toronto rock bands in the sixties, then joined Max Webster, with Kim Mitchell on guitar. Max went on to a platinum record and six gold records, touring Canada, United States and Europe. After Max Webster broke up, he returned to U. of Toronto and gained a B. Sc. in medical illustration. He now does landscape, cityscape and portrait painting full time. You can see Terry's work here: http://terrywatkinson.com/
A multi-instrumentalist, Terry is a huge part of our sound and will amaze our audience!

Chloe EG Watkinson - Vocals

Chlo� EG Watkinson - Completing the sound and sure to astound with her vocal stylings Chloe was already veteran performer at the ripe old age of 24 when she joined Powderfinger in 2009. A pro through & through, Chloe was raised in a family of artists, including a very well-known recording artist Dad. A graduate of Rosedale Heights School For The Arts in Toronto, she has been singing onstage since she was a little girl. Her first recording credit came at the age of seven, and she's never looked back. Years of training & coaching get some credit, but really it's her God-gifted, soulful voice that makes audiences do double-takes. You can hear for yourself that Emmylou Harris ain't got a thing on this girl!

Chris Hume - Bass / Vocals

Chris Hume - Crazy on the bass guitar and backup vocals Chris has spent the better part of 20 years touring across Canada as a member of several Toronto-based bands, both original & tributes. Well known as one of Toronto's most reliable & steady bass players, his participation in Powderfinger from the beginning gave the project instant street cred. Chris has seen many Neil Young live tours, dating back to the mid-70's, and has helped make this the most authentic sounding tribute to Neil out there. His great feel for dynamics gives him a perfect touch in recreating the diverse bass lines that are contained in the breadth of Young's recorded work. Chris' lead vocals are featured in PF's house-rocking version of "C'mon Baby Let's Go Downtown."