A Canadian tribute to Neil Young

Powderfinger, a Canadian tribute to Neil Young

Welcome to the home of POWDERFINGER, a Canadian Tribute to Neil Young. Powderfinger was formed in 2008 with the goal of delivering high quality and heartfelt performances of the best of Neil Young�s illustrious career. With an ensemble of six very talented and versatile GTA musicians, we were able to achieve our goal show after show, giving the audience the best of Neil.

BAND UPDATE - August, 2017:

From our beginnings playing our first gig in Toronto at a small underground tavern called Paully's Pub to performing in front of large crowds at festivals and private parties, we became a kickass band that could really rock the audience.

...But time moves on, and situations change. With the departure of three of the Fingers for various reasons, the band essentially has come to a halt. Last Sunday, August 6th, the remaining three members of Powderfinger put the old girl to rest, with our good friend Ian Nielsen, who mixed our first gig, as it were. It was a fantastic party, one which was probably the climax of our tenure as a band when we played there two years ago as the full Powderfinger family.

With that said, on behalf of everyone in this group, thank you so much for your support and friendship, it means so much to all of us, and this page will remain open as long as anyone wants to see it or say hi. To anyone who ever made it out to see us, and you were many, thank you and we love you. There were so many great friends met and so many great friendships made.

Always remember, it's better to burn out than to fade away...

Peace and love

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Powderfinger, a Canadian tribute to Neil Young